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National Committee Coming to Kelowna

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Canada committee is coming to British Columbia for a semiannual meeting at Seton House of Prayer in Kelowna and will be part of praise and worship, Mass and prayers for healing service (see below).

BC Rep. Flo Reid, who is chair of the BC committee, is hosting this falls event. The committee that meets twice annually in different parts of the country from Newfoundland to BC will be spending four days at Seton House.

The team is made up of:

Rev. Dr. Peter B. Coughlin (Past Chair) Brian Sullivan (Ontario region representative) Gerard MacDonald (Chair) (Atlantic region representative) Lorraine Shonaman (Treasurer) (Atlantic region representative) Denise Bergeron (French Quebec representative) Linda Hall Rick Taylor (Saskatchewan representative) Corrine (Cory) Yakimovich (Secretary) (Alberta representative) Flo Reid (B.C. representative) Christine Manuel(Newfoundland Catholic Renewal) Brian Bolt (Bread of Life Magazine)For more info on

the CCRSC check out their wibsite:

On the occasion of their visit a praise and worship, Mass and prayers for healing service will be offered at St. Charles Garnier church in Kelowna. The team will share the Word of God as the Spirit moves them in the praise and worship session that will begin at 6:15 on Wednesday November 16th. Father Gerald Sekanga will celebrate Mass at 7:00 P.M. and he will join the committee members in praying with people for healing after Mass. This is open to all who wish to come forward for prayer.For more info on the Healing Service Click Here

Come and meet the national committee and share with them.

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