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Prayer Breakfast in Penticton


Fifty people gathered at St. John Vianney church in Penticton for an inspiring prayer breakfast on Saturday October 14th. The Knights of Columbus provided their usual great breakfast of ham, eggs and pancakes with all the trimmings.


The group was pull together with music from the NDCCRS music team Johanna Tournemille and Gladys Miller and Shekinah prayer group musician Roy MacIntyre.


The guest speakers, Flo and Jim Reid, journeyed all the way from Cranbrook for the event. In their sharing of what God has done in their lives, they spoke of how God can bring together people of diverse backgrounds to from a fulfilling and happy union. They spoke about how God changed their lives with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit that has increased their effectiveness in the works in the parish, province and for Flo the nation. Flo being the chair of the Charismatic Renewal Service of BC is also the BC rep on the national committee (CCRSC).


Scott Frymire as MC introduce the speakers and thanked all those involved in preparations and accomplishment of the successful event.

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